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A First Class Care Home for the Elderly


Guest Houses
Casade Planas, A first class care home for  the elderly...

Casade Planas Estate is country living at its best, giving a sense of peace and tranquility to make one feel at home. We are located about 30 minutes via SCTEX from Clark Air Base.


  • We have 18 acres in a country setting. The whole property is fenced.

  • We have several swimming pools for your pleasure and enjoyment.

  • We grow tomatoes, bananas, papayas and mangoes.

  • We have four [4] wonderful, friendly, loving dogs!

  • We also have a generator in case of power outage.

  • Our guest cottage has two (2) large air conditioned bedrooms. A private bath, kitchen, dining room, and living room with large flat screen TV. Each bedroom can accommodate two (2) persons comfortably.

  • Adjacent to the guest cottage, we have a covered patio with a picnic table to play cards, or simply enjoy having lunch or dinner....

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