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A First Class Care Home for the Elderly....


Our fundamental creed, helps guide our principles, for assisted living, a code of conduct, taking care of the elderly, according to the California standards of quality care, those living in the Philippines and Asia, without any families or who no longer can take care of themselves.

We offer our services and pledge:

"We will take care of you with Dignity and Respect,

to continue living a productive life."

"You can have peace of mind that you will be taken care of and,

"Become Part of Our Family..."


Family-owned Business

Casade Planas Care Home is a family-owned business, and is licensed by the Philippine Authority. The administrator, Delson "Ace" Roque, is a Registered Nurse with a BSN Degree from Angeles University (2004) and Co-Administer, Crystal P. Roque.


13-years Experience in the Elderly Care Home Industry

Having managed three care home facilities, for 13 years, in California, we will use all our experience to help the Administrator, Co-Administrator and our English speaking staff, to help our Elderly Residents:  with Care, Dignity and Respect....

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